Variety of Exchanges

Through a Variety of Exchanges and Experiences

Improving communication skills and learning

Interacting with others who have different cultural and historical backgrounds and thinking together to create something are indeed a very precious time when young people can develop the skills which are necessary for living in the global community

Welcome Ceremony

Students are greeted in grand style with fun performances
The exchange begins with a welcome ceremony. After the school principal and a student representative give welcome speeches, commemorative gifts are exchanged, photos taken, and students also begin to relax.

Viewing & Participating in Classes

Students interact with each other in actual classes
Visiting students do not just watch classes in session but also they participate and actually experience the subjects. The students have fun communicating through gestures and English.

Cultural Experiences

Learning about Japan through cross-cultural experiences
Young people improve their international understanding by experiencing Sanshin performances and other aspects of Okinawan culture as well as Japanese culture, including tea ceremony in a Japanese-style room.

Experiencing Club Activities

Exchanges overcome language barriers
Sports and other physical activities help overcome language barriers and lessen the divide.

Exchanges During Lunch

Learning about different food cultures
Students get to actually experience a different dietary culture while establishing friendships as they enjoy local dishes together.