5-day, 4-night plan

Okinawa Educational Travel
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Study, Feel, and Experience the Natural Environment and Culture of Okinawa

Whether your interest is in history, culture, nature, peace studies, or industry, Okinawa offers a variety of potential subjects optimal for educational travel. Here, you can put together travel plans that incorporate experiences impossible to have anywhere else around Japan.

5-day, 4-night plan (Outlying Island & Main Island)

This program focuses on getting to know what makes Okinawa special firsthand, including a nature experience at the Keramashoto National Park and a homestay at a village where traditional culture remains vibrant. The plan offers abundant other opportunities for learning, including a peace studies program, a field trip to Churaumi Aquarium, and an enjoyable stroll around the city.

Day 1

A Day for Thinking About Peace and Interacting with Okinawan Students
Naha Airport

A program focused on testimonies from locals to convey the tragedy of the Battle of Okinawa and the pricelessness of peace

School exchange program on Okinawa Main Island

Getting to know other kids the same age from other countries who were raised in different backgrounds can be exciting!

Stay in the main island’s southern region

Day 2

Learn About History and Nature at Kerama Shoto National Park
Tomari Port to Kerama Islands

Peace Studies(Tokashiki Island)

Tokashiki Village Chamber of Commerce and Industry
*Lodging facilities also available on Tokashiki Island

2Marine Activity Experience (Zamami Island) Zamami Village Tourism Association

Enjoy marine sports to your heart’s content in one of the world’s most beautiful seas (Activity also available at Tokashiki Island)

Stay on Zamami Island

Day 3

Homestay Experience to Day Learn About Farming Community Culture and Lifestyles
Zamami Port to Tomari Port

3Murasaki Mura (Yomitan Village)

Learn firsthand about a wide variety of folk arts, and even take in a training hall for Okinawa-style karate

4Churamura Yomitan Homestay (Yomitan Village)

Encounter the soul of the culture and people of Okinawa through a homestay program focused on experiencing daily life

Stay in Yomitan Village

Day 4

Learn About the Latest Technology and the Beautiful World of the Ocean
Farewell Ceremonies

5Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) (Onna Village)

An educational facility engaged in teaching and research on world-class science and technology. Visitors can view cutting-edge technologies

6Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium(Motobu Town)

An educational facility engaged in teaching and research on world-class science and technology. Visitors can view cutting-edge technologies

7GODAC(Motobu Town)

Have fun learning about the deep seas and coral reefs through videos and experiments

Stay in the main island’s northern region

Day 5

History and Local Lifestyles on View in Central Naha
Farewell Ceremonies

8Shurijo Castle Park (Naha City)

Added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000 for the outstanding value of its unique architectural styles and rock arrangement techniques

News about the Shurijo Castle Park closure

9Naha Machi Mai (stroll around the city) [Kokusai Street] (Naha City)

Okinawa’s busiest shopping district is packed with shops selling local products, eating and drinking establishments, and other businesses along a 1.6-kilometer stretch

Naha Airport